When You Sleep

Our first release, When You Sleep, is approached as an intimate sensory experience for the wearer; a soft shock into the complex and innocent romantic encounter of a first passionate love. When You Sleep was created in collaboration with the world-renowned parfumeur, Yann Vasnier.

We use only the highest quality ingredients, from the extraits to the packaging. When the oil is applied to the skin, the heat of your body interacts to project a scent at a quiet pitch for an intimate and secret experience. Add as many layers as you like for more vibrancy.

Ripe fruit, warm skin, and lived-in sheets blend together

to recreate the tenderness of young love. When You Sleep is a sudden

inhale, a light touch, glistening skin, and a lingering, inimitable scent.

LILAS is an independent fragrance house that defines perfume as art. 

As such, we aim to create fragrances that become truly personal over

time and wear... fragrances that provide an experience of soft interiority.

LILAS embodies understated luxury within the world of perfume.


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